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Announcements & Reminders

Reminder for Subscribers of Coursera Offer

As mentioned in the terms on the page where you submitted the application for the Robokids-Coursera offer, there is a monthly payment of $9.99 to maintain your Robokids email (or $6 per month after discount if you are eligible).

This is a polite reminder to kindly make the renewal payment before 30 days are over since your last payment.

For any questions, or if you wish your Robokids email to be terminated, please contact us on:

IMPORTANT: Please note that in the case your Robokids email is terminated due to non-payment, or based on your request, you will not be able to access your Robokids mailbox and other related services. It is solely your responsibility to take appropriate steps to create alternate access for your Coursera account before this happens. In your Coursera account, in Settings, it is possible to add your personal email to continue to have access to your Coursera account even if and when your Robokids email is no longer active.

For more information or assistance, please contact us on Whatsapp +92 3448466466.

We hope you are enjoying this offer and will continue to make use of it in the months to come. Coursera has extended the deadline to enroll in courses until 30th September 2020. Go ahead: share this offer with your friends too! Here's the link to share:

Best regards,

Team Robokids

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