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Online Tutor Taught Subject: School Maths (grades 2 - college) - pay hourly

Online Tutor Taught Subject: School Maths (grades 2 - college) - pay hourly

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Is your child finding Maths concepts difficult to grasp in middle or high school?

There's a big jump in the maths curriculum and difficulty level as students move up to grades 7 and above. If they don't get good guidance early on, they find grasping concepts in later grades more and more difficult over time. As a consequence, they start giving disproportionately more time to Maths, and then their other subjects starts suffering too!

Don't delay. Don't let them suffer first and then bring on a tutor right at the end when it's almost too late. Hire a tutor now so your child can be successful throughout all their grades. That'll do wonders to their confidence and give them a solid foundation in maths. What's more, they will be able to devote appropriate amount of time to other subjects too.

Get Your Own Personal, Online Tutor

Learn all the difficult maths concepts in your school curriculum with our one-to-one coaching.

  • Go at your own pace, feel free to ask as many questions as you want and gain confidence as you are guided every step of the way by a dedicated tutor.
  • Each teacher we assign to a student is an engineer, experienced teacher, subject matter expert and fluent in English. 
  • Each 1-hour session is your own online live class - where you are the only student and your teacher's time is 100% yours! (Between the live classes, you can continue to discuss class topics with the teacher via Google Classroom).
  • Select class time and days of your choice for each 1-hour class (and book as many classes as you want).
  • Receive class study notes, practice hands-on exercises together with the teacher, assess your understanding and skills through quizzes 
  • We are a small group of teachers dedicated to the cause of making technology education easy for our students. We pride ourselves on our 4.7 rating which we work hard to improve continuously through YOUR satisfaction.